Trustworthiness and professionalism characterize our company. This is why we guarantee a wide range of post-purchase services. From pre-planned maintenance to remote management. Thanks to these services we greatly reduce inconveniences and risks related to the possibility of malfunctions or failures, simultaneously improving the performance and overall reliability of the control system. We guarantee high efficiency standards, and we offer direct assistance through Remote Management, putting our experts at your disposal. They will be able to check the system regularly, even in real-time (at your request).
  • Help Desk

    The new technologies allow us to connect remotely to your plants. All you need to do is make a phone-call and one of our engineers will take on the situation. Up to today 70% of the anomalies reported were resolved in a timely manner and without moving from our offices. This, other than reducing the discomfort, also translates to an economic saving on the part of our client who does not have to pay a technician for the special assistance. Reducing the times in which our technicians have to move around also allows us to pollute less, which for us is a source of pride!

    Help Desk
  • Alarm Monitoring

    The Alarm Monitoring Service allows for the personalization of the alarms. It is possible to create personalized Software alarms depending on the customer's needs. This enables the monitoring of the plants with various pre-alarms and alarms depending on certain variables that set them off and that can be chosen and set by the operator. This way the anomalies of the plant, system or equipment, if present, are highlighted and resolved even before the client can notice. It is also possible to set alarms for anomalies in the energy consumption. Our new BMS is equipped with a system of alarm alert through email. The main alarms detected by the system are sent to the provided addresses according to 2 macro categories: system alarms and plant alarms. The alarms can be divided in different categories or classes, this is completely customizable. On the basis of these categories the emails will be sent to the identified corresponding addresses. We are also able to create an Escalation level alarm system. The versatility of our system allows us to satisfy your needs, try us.

    Alarm Monitoring
  • Pre-set Periodical Maintenance

    We advise you to have your automated plant inspected by our specialized technicians.
    We advise you to have two visits coinciding with seasonal changes.
    At every inspection we will be performing the following tasks:
    -Verify the proper functioning of the supervision system
    -Verify the proper functioning of the automation control units
    -Verify proper functioning of the gear and equipment
    - Proper functioning recovery for every intact piece of the automating plant, provided that the functioning of the plant was found abnormal
    After the inspection you will receive:
    -A report detailing the state of your automating plants
    -A report of the point-to-point tests performed on the gear and equipment
    -Prompt cost estimation for the replacement, if necessary, of the equipment that was found damaged.
    The experience of our technicians at the service of your plant.

    Pre-set Periodical Maintenance
  • BMS Cloud

    Do you own an old Honeywell regulator of the line XL500? Who said you have to throw all of this out to modernize your plant Through the installation of the network interface we will make your plant communicate with our server.
    This will allow you to manage your plant remotely through a completely normal browser. Our engineers will develop simple and intuitive graphic design for you to manage and monitor your plant with a few clicks.
    Our ambition is to achieve a plant and system recovery without laying down a new cable.

    BMS Cloud
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