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Consultancy for the selection of the best BMS solutions
Consultancy for the selection of the best BMS solutions Find out more
Welcome to Tekni Post

Tekni Post is your point of reference for the development of complex automation solutions in the service of technological systems, maintenance services, remote management and energy monitoring.

Who we are

Tekni Post: System Integrator

We are System Integrators and we allow our customers to obtain maximum integration in plant management. With the term System Integrator is identified sought after in the integration of the main Control Systems of the Technological Systems present in the building. The task of the System Integrator, in fact, is that of communicating with each other the different systems present (both: thermal, electrical, lighting, fire prevention, etc.) in order to create a new functional structure that can be synergistically the potential of the plants of origination not present (integration of HVAC systems with lighting systems, access control, fire protection systems, etc.)

Our partner Companies

Tekni Post is synthesis of professionalism and experience in over 40 years at the service of our customers to provide them the best environmental comfort.


Our Target: who do we turn to?

Final Customers

Planning, installation and maintenance of automation systems for comfort control in Industries, Offices and Hospitality.

  • Industry
  • Offices and Retail
  • Hospitality


Finding effective solutions and support for the choice of the automation system for mechanical and electrical planners.

  • Associated Studies of Designers
  • Mechanical Designers
  • Electrical Designers


Innovative automation solutions for mechanical and electrical technicians, maintainers or heat managers.

  • Installers
  • Maintainers
  • Heat Manager

Think, Select, Choose for you.

Satisfied customers for over 40 years

Tekni Post has been chosen by major companies throughout the country, reflecting the effectiveness of our solutions and the professionalism of our services. In over 40 years of business, we have collected a significant number of POSITIVE REFERENCES.

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Projects and solutions 0

In the last year we have developed over 200 solutions

Maintenance 0

Over 400 maintenance visits were carried out on automation systems.

Satisfied customers 0

We have satisfied almost 300 customers in 2017.

Years of experience 0

For over 40 years we help you in choosing the best control system and automation for your building.

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